Do you want to know how to wash your plastic free hair? Then I’ll show you now in this article.

The per capita consumption of plastic waste continues to increase from year to year. Plastic bottles of hair care products make up a large proportion of the total volume of plastic waste. The market is huge and we are spoiled for choice when it comes to shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments and many other highly praised miracle pastes. But it can also be done without plastic, quite naturally. Now you will learn how washing hair works without plastic – let’s go!

Wash Plastic Free Hair with Firm Shampoo & Hair Soap

Natural hair soap is a soap made from vegetable fats or oils. In the so-called saponification, a soap is made from a lye and the desired vegetable oil under the influence of heat. You can flexibly and creatively incorporate your own wishes. Ingredients such as perfume oils, herbal oils, tinctures, colors or other nourishing ingredients can be added. So ideal for washing hair without plastic.

A solid shampoo is like any other shampoo, only that the water has been removed from a solid shampoo. This means that the usual ingredients (surfactants, oil additives, etc.) are stirred together during manufacture and then dried. This means that you still have to pay attention to the harmful ingredients, such as any form of silicone or micro plastic. Once you have found a solid shampoo that meets your needs, you can use it like a conventional shampoo.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Which form you choose is up to you. However, you have to be a bit patient with the switch to hair soaps and natural shampoos. Silicone residues and any other residues remaining in the hair must be washed out over several days. In any case, you can wash your hair without plastic with hair soaps and firm shampoos.

What Should You Watch Out For When Using Solid Hair Soaps?

A disadvantage of the hair soap is that lime soap can occur when washing plastic-free hair. This makes the hair feel dry and straw-like after washing. However, this usually only happens if only very calcareous water comes out of your pipes. But that’s also not a problem if you simply pour an acidic solution of water and some citric acid (you can buy citric acid here) over your hair. The lime is dissolved and the cuticle layer of the hair closes even faster, which makes it less susceptible when the hair is dry. But don’t worry, the hair feels much more comfortable in an acidic environment than in a basic environment. Unlike a solid shampoo, hair soap doesn’t foam very much. Many continue to think: What does not foam does not clean properly! – all nonsense! The cleaning effect is the same, we just got used to the fact that a shampoo foams. This hair soap is very suitable, for example, to wash plastic-free hair.

Solid shampoo is, as already mentioned, a normal shampoo only without a large amount of water and without plastic packaging. This way, no plastic waste gets into the environment and we do not endanger our health. Make sure that no micro plastics and no silicones, but only gentle, natural and nourishing ingredients are used in the production.

There are also hair soaps and solid shampoo in plastic packaging, but you can safely avoid them. Because the nice thing about a hair soap or a solid shampoo is that you can buy it very well in paper or cloth bags. After use, you should always store the soap and shampoo so that they dry completely again. A small metal grill or a wooden shelf with deep grooves (like in grandma’s time) are very useful.

Home Remedies for Washing Hair without Plastic

Here I would like to show you some home remedies with which you can also wash your hair in a natural way:

·         Bicarbonate of Soda

Baking soda (sodium hydrogen carbonate) is a real all-rounder, whether you want to cook, wash clothes or brush your teeth – baking soda works. To use it as a shampoo, take 2 teaspoons of soda (you can get it here) and mix it with a little water. 200 ml of lukewarm or cold water should be sufficient for 2 tsp. Don’t worry if it doesn’t dissolve, the cleaning effect is there anyway. The resulting porridge is generously distributed on the head and massaged into the hair lengths. Then rinse and rinse again with an acidic rinse made of water and citric acid – done. With baking soda you can wash your hair wonderfully without plastic!

·         Rye Flour

The use of rye flour is similar to that of baking soda. However, washing plastic-free hair with rye flour has the purpose of supplying the hair with many vitamins and minerals. Even with a sensitive scalp, rye flour is highly recommended. To make the shampoo you need about 4-5 tablespoons of rye flour (depending on the length of your hair), 300 ml of lukewarm water and a bowl for mixing. You should not mix the shampoo in stock, because then it quickly becomes bad. You can get rye flour plastic-free here or in any supermarket in paper packaging.

·         Lavaerde

Lava earth has a very special cleaning effect and is therefore ideal for washing hair without plastic. The hair feels wonderfully soft and smooth. If lava earth is mixed with water, it starts to swell and develops a shampoo-like consistency that absorbs the dirt very well. Similar to rye flour, you mix the lava soil with water just before washing your hair. Then pour 2-3 cups of water on 2 tablespoons of lava earth and the natural shampoo is ready. If you want to do something good for your hair, add a few nourishing additives to the paste, such as essential oils or tinctures. After massaging, rinse your hair until the water is no longer brown. You can get plastic-free lava earth here.

·         Heilerde

Healing earth, not to be confused with lava earth, is mixed with water to a paste. To do this, take 2 tablespoons of healing earth on 5 tablespoons of lukewarm water. Then the healing earth porridge is massaged into wet hair and generously distributed over the scalp. Please do not rinse immediately – the healing earth has to act for a moment so that dirt and excess fat can be absorbed. Your scalp is cleaned very well and the hair is less greasy if used regularly. Ideal for washing your hair without plastic. You can get healing earth here plastic-free.

Wash Plastic-Free Hair with No Poo

Many know it, but few actually dare to implement it. We are talking about the No-Poo Method, which is about removing all kinds of care products for your hair from everyday life. Washing your hair with water only does not sound so bad at first, but it takes a lot of staying power in the first few weeks, because exactly what many fear happens during this time. The hair becomes greasy, looks neglected, it can start to smell and stick.

In this phase, it is very important to comb the hair regularly to remove the remains of former shampoos and other hair care products. This works best with a hairbrush with boar bristles. Only with such a brush can you achieve that the sebum released from the scalp (natural hair fat) is evenly distributed up to the tips of the hair. After the first few days, you may find small white particles in your hair. These remnants have wrapped around your hair. We are talking about silicones and micro plastic parts. By combing out and rinsing, you will also get rid of these excess residues.

Once you have completed this detoxification phase and your hair has returned to its natural and healthy shape, you can further extend the washing cycle. Your hair regulates itself and you will have a completely new hair feeling. They literally reflect the health signs of your body. In addition, the natural growth of the hair can be supported.


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