Olive oil is an absolute beauty all-rounder: if we take it in with our food, we radiate from the inside with its valuable ingredients, if we incorporate it into our beauty routine, it also makes skin and hair shine. Our hair in particular benefits from high-quality olive oil and its components.

Why is Olive Oil So Good for the Hair?

Olive oil contains numerous ingredients that can perfectly care for our hair:

  • Antioxidants: They protect the cells from free radicals and ensure that our hair ages more slowly.
  • Oleuropein: This is a bitter substance that supports hair growth
  • Vitamins A, D, E and K

In addition to these nourishing ingredients, olive oil has another property that makes hair healthy and beautiful: the oil keeps moisture in the hair. It wraps itself around the hair like a protective film that does not allow external negative influences such as heat to come into contact with the hair. Even airborne pollutants that we do not notice at all, this film made of olive oil pearls off the hair.

Most people who use olive oil to care for their hair find that the hair gets more shine, less split ends and does not dry out as quickly.

Olive Oil Does Not Have the Same Effect On All Hair

However, olive oil is like all care products and home remedies: they do not work the same for everyone. Here it is worthwhile to simply try out the application of the oil; if the desired effect is not achieved, another oil such as coconut oil or almond oil may be more suitable in this case.

And another tip: If the other hair care products contain silicones, as is the case with a large number of shampoos, the olive oil cannot develop its full effectiveness. Because the silicone already covers the hair with a film. Result: the olive oil cannot penetrate the hair.

Which olive oil is best for your hair?

When buying olive oil, you should always pay attention to quality – regardless of whether you use it for food or for hair care. Ideally, you should use a cold-pressed oil, as it preserves its natural nutrients thanks to the gentle production method. This is exactly what you want for your hair.

How do I use olive oil for hair?

There are several ways you can groom your hair with olive oil:

·         Olive oil as top care

Olive oil is predestined for this and application couldn’t be easier. Simply work a few drops of the oil into the tips of your hair. Then leave it on overnight and only wash it out the next morning. The result: soft, delicate hair tips!

·         Olive oil as a hair mask

In order to care for the entire hair intensively, you can also use olive oil as a hair treatment. The best way to do this is to put the oil into towel-dried hair after washing and leave it on for a few hours or overnight (for very dry hair). Wrap a towel or towel around your hair to protect your clothes or bedding. In the subsequent hair wash, you should wash the oil thoroughly with a mild shampoo. Sometimes it takes a while until the oil has completely disappeared from the hair.

You can also refine the hair treatment a little by mixing honey, a mashed banana or avocado into the oil. This makes the hair mask even more nutritious and the production is also fun!


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