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Why Fully Breastfed Babies Shouldn’t Drink Water Even İn Summer?

Finally, the weather here seems to see that a little sun is good for you. The temperatures are now approaching an area that I...

The 8 most common reasons why your baby cries at night (and how you...

The first time with a baby can be nerve-wracking: the little creature who recently moved in turns the days and nights upside down. Especially...
beta hCG

HCG Table: Usual Values  From Day 7 To 40 After Ovulation

In our hCG table (urine) you can see which concentration of the hormone hCG is common for which day of pregnancy and which pregnancy...

40th Week Of Pregnancy (Week Of Pregnancy) Your Baby, Your Body, Symptoms And More

1. Your Body Like many pregnant women, you are likely to increase significantly again right at the end of your pregnancy. This can be due...

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