Haircut Mistakes

Do you have a bob cut Here are 5 tips to avoid capillary missteps in this type of hairstyle.

·        Decide on a Model That Is Too Deep

Ultra-deep squares are no longer trendy and can give your look an old-fashioned look. If you like this effect, choose a gentler and more subtle dip line. Another option if you want a graphic effect fall in love with a straight square with bangs that gives your look a modern touch.

·        Choose a Model That is Too Short

Short squares can be difficult to wear if they don’t take hair texture into account. In addition, this type of cut at the border between the shortcut and the square can be restrictive for those who are used to tying their hair. To make sure you don’t go wrong, always wear your square a few inches under your ears. Therefore, you can be sure to tie your lengths.

·        Do not Maintain Your Salon

A badly maintained place loses all of its elegance. Once you have chosen a square directly over your shoulders, schedule a salon appointment every two months to keep its shape and movement. The same goes, if you chose a square with bangs, a little more maintenance is required to keep this line clear.

·        Don’t Adapt It to the Shape of Your Face

Short, long, degraded, straight … there is a variety of square cuts. Moreover, to achieve a harmonious result, it is important to adjust the shape of your face. Do you have a round face Opt for a long square lob type that extends your functions? Do you have a square or rectangular surface Opt for a deteriorated model on the edges of the face that softens the line of the jaw and cheekbones? If your face is elongated, choose a square with bangs to create contrast and create the illusion of a smaller face.

·        To Upset the Nature of Her Hair

If you have fine hair, avoid heavily deteriorated and tapered squares and opt for cuts with full and dense lines that give an impression of volume instead. Do you have curly or curly hair Make your square on dry hair to take into account the spring of your waves and make your cut easier every day. If you have thick hair, prefer the mined squares that brighten the volume at the roots and give the lengths a nice fall.


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