1. Your Body

Like many pregnant women, you are likely to increase significantly again right at the end of your pregnancy. This can be due to the baby’s last growth spurt, but also due to cravings and not infrequently due to water retention. The belly can also continue to grow as it grows. But you may also notice that the belly gradually sinks again. This can also be seen from the outside and means that your baby has slid further into the pelvis.

2. Your Baby

Your baby is fully developed in the 40th week of pregnancy. All organs are mature and birth can begin at any time. Nevertheless, before the expected delivery date has passed, your baby generally benefits from every day that it can continue to spend in mom’s belly The final maturation of the lung tissue and the maturity of organs such as the liver and intestine also progresses in the 40th week of pregnancy. The weight of your baby in the belly is now often difficult to estimate via ultrasound.This is because the child’s body as a whole no longer fits on the screen of the ultrasound device and the doctor can no longer carry out a complete measurement from head to toe. This explains why many babies see the light of the world with a different birth weight than previously calculated. The baby now weighs an average of around 3200 grams and measures around 52 cm.

3. Complaints

Perhaps you are struggling with water retention especially towards the end of pregnancy. The bulging belly may also make breathing difficult. Many expectant mothers also experience heartburn at the end of pregnancy. If there is severe water retention and pain, a gynecologist should always be consulted! You are now mentally preparing for the imminent birth. It is normal to feel a lot of insecurity and strong fears when you think about it. The midwife is a good contact for this.

4. Risk of Miscarriage

From a medical point of view, there should be no arguments against the birth. In the 40th week, it would no longer be a premature birth, but a timely birth. The risk of miscarriage in the strict sense no longer exists at the end of the 40th week. In very rare cases, it can tragically happen that a baby dies in the womb shortly before birth. A possible cause is a child’s deficiency due to functional disorders of the placenta. That is why it is very important that you take advantage of all preventive appointments and consult a doctor quickly if you have any complaints!

5. This is Important Now

At the end of pregnancy in the 40th week, checks are generally carried out every 14 days. Many doctors also order pregnant women more often, depending on the individual situation of the expectant mother. In order to check the optimal care of the child, a CTG is regularly written in the preventive care. It is very important for your baby’s health and also for your own to keep these appointments. And even during pregnancy, the famous mother instinct comes into play if you feel something is wrong, do not hesitate to see a doctor.

6. You can Use That Well Now

At the end of the pregnancy, you should have made enough preparations for the baby so that you don’t get into stress and hectic. It can start at any moment now! A packed clinic bag ensures that you are ready to leave immediately, if the birth may announce a few days earlier than expected. Otherwise, you can use the last days of pregnancy well to consciously do things that are not possible with the baby in the early days sleep comfortably again. Spend a nice day in the sauna; go out for a meal with your partner… Of course, in the 40th week, there will also be more and more questions as to whether it has not started yet or the baby may already be there! For this reason, many pregnant women have switched off the phone once.


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